About CYAN

Encouraging and Empowering Canmore’s Young Adults

The Canmore Young Adult Network (CYAN) is an organization located in Canmore, Alberta that gives young adults the opportunity to connect with each other and with local resources within our mountain community. CYAN also acts as a bridge between local government, other community organizations and local businesses to ensure that Canmore’s young adult voices are heard, respected, and considered when it comes to local event planning and decision making.

CYAN began in 2015 thanks to a member of the Ralph Connor Memorial United Church (RCMUC) in Canmore, who urged the Church to embark on a pathway to reach out to youth and young adults in the community. That pathway led to the hiring of a Community Networker, whose work resulted in the formation of CYAN in 2017. RCMUC continues to be a major supporter of and donor to CYAN and welcomes others in the community to join us in supporting CYAN.

In the summer of 2017, the Canmore Young Adult Network has successfully launched a series of events targeted towards Canmore’s young adult population, including a monthly board games night, pumpkin carving at the Legion, and the popular Move Mountains Festival, which brought together local politicians, motivational speakers, thinkers, and youth in order to improve voting rates among young adults. More great events are on the horizon for 2018, as CYAN looks to grow membership and solidify our place within the community.

Our Mission

CYAN’s mission is to connect young adults with each other and local resources, and amplify their voices within the community.

Our Vision

We envision an inclusive Canmore where young adults thrive and play an active role in the community

Our Values

Integrity – We believe in honesty, openness and fairness. We encourage transparency in everything that we do.

Social Connections- We know it is difficult to form connections in a town where people frequently come and go. We encourage the social connections necessary to create a sense of belonging in the community.

Active Citizenship – We believe our voices are important in local decision making. We want to be the bridge between the community and our local government, effectively communicating your difficulties and needs.

Affordability – We recognize the difficulty of living in an expensive town, particularly with regards to events. We choose to host and promote events that are affordable for all.

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